How do I Install WordPress Using cPanel?

First off, to install WordPress on your website, I’m going to trust that you have two things:

A domain name, which is linked to your web host (if the host is separate)
A web host with cPanel (many popular hosts use this nowadays)

Now that you’ve got those two, let’s move on!

1) To access your cPanel, you need to go to your web address: www.yourdomain.com/cpanel and it should look something like this:

2) Log in with the cPanel details your host has given you.

3) After you’ve logged in, you’ll be welcomed into the cPanel admin area. Get rid of the ads you don’t want, then scroll down to Software/Services, and click on ‘Fantastico De Luxe’. See image below.

4) Clicking on Fantastico Delux will take you into the Fantastico area, which is where you’ll see a side pane with several options, you’ll want to select the ‘WordPress’ option under the ‘Blogs’ heading, it will look like this:

5) Click ‘New Installation’ and you’ll be prompted to enter some data. The page will look like this:

If your website IS your blog, don’t worry about the directory, otherwise enter the place you’d like to install it to, preceded by a slash, like this: /directory. After entering your details hit install.

6) Click ‘Finish installation’ and enter your email, to which your WordPress details shall be sent.
And there you have it! WordPress is now installed on your website! To access the admin area, you’ll want to go to: www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin. You can now enter the username and password you selected.

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