How do I update the firmware on my Quantum Scalar i80 tape library?

As with many modern firmware updates, updating the Quantum Scalar i80 firmware is a pretty straight forward task.

Below are the required steps to complete the upgrade.

1. Make sure there is no activity on your tape library and if necessary, stop your backup software.

2. Go to and click the Firmware tab.

3. The firmware page will identify the last firmware version. Click Download.

4. Accept the agreement dialog box and you will begin downloading the file to your machine.

5. Upon completion of the download, navigate to the IP address for your Quantum Scalar i80 tape library.

6. In the web interface, login and go to Tools -> Update Library Firmware.

7. Next to the Update library firmware with version in this file: dialog box, click the Browse button.

8. Click Apply.

9. The file upload process will begin and once complete the firmware update will be validated and applied.

10. The library will reboot and will then be running the firmware version you downloaded.

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