What are some browser shortcut keys for my BlackBerry?

There are a lot of shortcut keys for your BlackBerry phone. These all work for your browser:

* To insert a period in the Go To dialog box, press the Space key
* To insert a slash mark (/) in the Go To dialog box, press Shift+Space
* To open the browser options, in the browser, press O
* To stop loading a web page, press the Escape key
* To hide the browser, press D
* To close the browser, hold the Escape key
* To view the address for a link, highlight a link. Press L
* To move forward a screen, press the Shift key and the Space key
* To move to a previous screen, press the Space key
* G – Move to a specific page
* H – Return to the home page
* K – Open bookmarks
* A – Add a bookmark
* I – View recent web pages
* R – Refresh page
* P – View page address
* S – Save web page
* U – Hide browser banner
* X – Veiw thumbnail version of a page
* T – Move to the top of a page
* B – Move to the bottom of a page

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