What are some keyboard shortcuts for my BlackBerry?

Some keyboard shortcuts for BlackBerry smartphones include:

* C – Compose Message
* ALT+U – Mark Message As Opened/Unopened
* ALT+I – View Inbox
* ALT+O – View Outbox
* ALT+V – View Voicemail
* ALT+S – View SMS
* ALT+P – View Call Log
* To view all your messages again, press the Escape key
* SHIFT+SPACE – Move to the top of a screen
* SPACE – Move to the bottom of a screen
* T – Go to top of a message
* B – Go to bottom of a message
* N – Move to the next date
* P – Move to the previous date
* U – Move to the next unopened item
* J – Move to the next related item
* K – Move to the previous realted item
* F – Search for text in an attachment/web page
* G – Move to the last cursor position in a message after closing and reopening an attachment

These all work in your message list.

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